Noble Mountain Garden

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Located in the east suburb of Purple Mountain area, facing the Zhongshan golf course to the north and close to the equestrian events ground - the biggest and best one in Asian, the Noble Mountain Garden covers 300,000sqm, composed of various villas and apartments. It boasts natural ecologic environment with green land coverage of above 50% and good design landscape such as dells, captains, waterfalls, central garden and other beauty. Besides, it has all the living facilities and takes only 5 minutes to Zhongshan Gate by car and close to the Metro Line 2. It is a good example of ecologic living circle.


1 Huanling Lu


Beautiful landscape in compound

Excellent facilities

Convenient transportation

Internal Facility:

50,000sqm Guoling Park and 6,000sqm club house including swimming pool, gymnasium, badminton room, restaurant and kindergarten.

External Facility:

School, post office, bank, hospital and restaurant.