China Real Estate Market Q&A

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Q: Where do expatriates like to live in Nanjing?

A: There are three main areas that where expats usually choose live. The downtown area and Olympic area (new CBD), comprising mainly apartments thanks to convenient transportation and colorful nightlife, is popular among the single people or couples. Xianlin is the area where many villas are located. Many foreign families with children often choose to live there because the Nanjing International School is situated in Xianlin. Jiangning district, not far away from many foreign companies, is also a good choice for overseas assignees. The British School of Nanjing, also located in Jiangning, accepts expat children but those more inclined to a British education mode.

Q: Is there any property information from theInternet we could resort to?

A: Internet ads are not trustworthy. Properties listed on the Internet are typically not reliable, and the ads in most cases do not have accurate information. In addition, the rental on the Internet is quite low because it is net price which is exclusive of tax, management fee, Internet fee, Satellite TV fee, etc.

Q: What is usually included in the monthly rental?

A: In Nanjing, the rental is a package concept which usually include the net rent price, the property management fee, the tax (3.5 or 4.8 percentage of the package rental), Satellite TV (if tenant requires), the installation and usage fee for Internet, garden maintenance, and so on. Our consultant will indicate what fees are included in the rental, and what fees are not included that the tenant need pay.

Q: What is the general process of renting a residence?

A: Pre-move Consulting - Our consultants will communicate with client about their requirements, arrival date etc. and answer client's question regarding the lease market practice.

Home Search - Our consultants would arrange a home visit tour, showing the properties prepared based on the client's requirements.

Lease negotiation and Contract process - When there is an ideal property, our experienced consultant will help the client to negotiate with the landlord over the rental, payment, deposit, lease term, furniture & appliances plus additional requirement, should there be any. Our consultant will draft the lease agreement and ensure the lease is in compliance.

Settling in - Once the lease contract is signed, a Sunhome consultant will assist the client with the inventory check list (including photos) that should be conducted prior to moving into the property. Our consultant will assist with the property hand-over, and help the client to move into the new home smoothly.

Ongoing service - The possibility exists that issues may arise after the client has moved in. Our consultant or after-sales contact will assist with the tenancy management for issues such as repair, utility bill payment, etc.

Departure - A Sunhome consultant will conduct pre move-out inspection (a few days before departure) and assist with preparing the house for return to landlord (according to local regulations, and the tenant’s responsibility), then hand over the check-out list and negotiate outstanding utility bills with the landlord if needed.

Q: Why do properties in the same compound differ a lot in asking price?

A: 95 percent of properties belong to private owners who usually decorate houses according to their own requirements; the different interior furnishing styles result in different rental. Landlords have different asking prices due to their furnishing styles. The rental can be negotiated somewhat depending on the landlord’s attitude; our consultants will do their best to negotiate where possible.

Q: Why is the actual property size smaller than showed on the property certificate?

A: In China, the house area usually refers to the building area shown on the property ownership certificate. It includes the shared area and the area inside the house. So the proportion of the actual usable area is about 80-90 percentage of the building area.